I am thrilled to finally announce this... an event so Garamonically epic, it may rend the very fabric of reality...

Bill Nordstrom

Bob Eggleton

CUPCO/Luke Temby

Dave Dopko


Gorilla Mouth/Troy Stith

Greasebat/Jeff Lamm

Grody Shogun/Luke Rook

GUUMON/Brian Mahony

hellopike/Phil Staszkiw

Isabel Samaras

Jacquelyn Heloise

Jason Edmiston

Jim Groman

Josh Herbolsheimer

Koji Harmon

Lauren Stutzman

Leecifer/Lee Gajda

Mark Dabelstein

Mark Nagata

Matt Sesow

Miles Nielsen

Monster Worship

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore/Rich Montanari Jr.

Paddy Charles

Paul Kaiju


Prometheum5/Ben Mininberg

Ralph Cosentino

Robert DeCastro

Steve Seeley

zapatoloco/Benoit Robitaille

Walter Parenton

Toybot Studios/Kirlkland Jue

Michael Skattum

Walter Chauskoskis

Rob Kimmel

Street Grapes

Stay tuned... much more to come on this!!


The Prince of Wails said...

What date is the opening party?! This is so exciting! I'd like to request off of work and arrange a trip to Massachusetts for this!

Nerdstrom. said...

Friday, 2/10 is opening night, Prince! I actually just emailed Jim about some details for the evening... it's gonna be nuts! Hope you can make it, and please introduce yourself in person, if so!

The Prince of Wails said...

Sounds great! I'm in NYC and am requesting off of work as I type! :)

The Prince of Wails said...

Is there a way to contact you privately? I would like to introduce you to some connections I have in NYC for possible future events... :)

Nerdstrom. said...

Sure thing, Prince- drop me a line at garamaniac@gmail.com.