Monster Invitational @ FOE: show report

WOW is all I can say about last weekend!  It was great in every way... and it all kicked off with the Monster Invitational @ FOE Shop & Gallery in Massachusetts, in which I showed 10 of my custom kaiju toys (I'll save most of the self-aggrandizement for the end of the post).

FOE is located in the bustling downtown of Northampton.  I had never been there before, and being invited to participate in the show seemed like a great reason to make the trip.  I really like the town a lot, and definitely plan to go back sooner than later.  FOE's owners, Jim and Nicole, are really great people, and, after so much communication via phone and email over the last few months, it was very enjoyable to meet them in person and get to hang out and talk toys a bit.
The opening took place on Friday night, 7/08, from 6:00 - 9:00.  It was very well-attended; kaiju connoisseurs mixing with curious locals and passers-by, everyone seeming to enjoy the tremendous range of monsteriffic eye candy on display.  I was really struck by the fact that, although the show was representing a world of creature worship that can be so arcane and esoteric, it was easy for most anyone who walked in to find many things to connect with.  I saw a lot of wide smiles and a lot of heads being shaken in wonder at their first exposure to this realm.

Here are some pics I took... I tried to cover everyone's stuff!

Osiris Orion:

Brian Mahony/Guumon:

Nine AWESOME canvases by the legendary Mr. Stephen Blickenstaff:

Ben's terrific Viras... if I wasn't saving for a big trip in August, I'm pretty sure I would've made this one mine...

Hard candy gloss and a velvety matte together... gotta love it!


Dream Rocket:

Mark Nagata/Max Toy Co:

Why, it's the man himself!!

Ben Reigle:


Paddy Charles:

Bob Conge/Plaseebo:

  Jeff Lamm/Greasebat and Monster Worship:

Eric Talbot:

Finally, my own stuff...

First off, "Shriek of the Wendigyango":

Just for reference, here's a couple pics of what this toy looks like unaltered, straight out the box:

"ESP Bagun":

"Dichroic Gablar":



"Carbona Hedorah":

And finally... "Who's the Boss: Little Showman Gary":

My "Not For Sale" shelf (w/ and w/o flash), with previously-sold pieces on loan (thanks again, all):

The Chief Garamaniac arrives in Northampton:

This was right before I backhanded all my pieces off the shelf in a fit of artistic dissatisfaction:

There were sightings of Greasebat-headed folk:

The great Jim and Nicole (sorry Jim, I think I caught you in 1/3 of a blink):

Thanks for looking!
MUCH more Gara-goodness to come this week, as I get caught up!!

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geozilla ジーヨジラ said...

Looks like a great show! And your pieces are awesome! Great work and thanks for sharing.