Playing catch-up: Kaiju For Japan wrap-up! M1-GO charity piece! GARAKUTAGIGAS!

Wow... do I have a LOT to catch you up on, fellow Garamaniacs! Much new posting to come, I promise... but for now, here's three tasty bits o' news:

Kaiju For Japan was a great success, according to organizer Troy Stith; my thanks again to Troy for organizing this awesome sale, to all of you out there who bought items (especially to YOU, O Buyer Of My Pygmon Custom)!  As of this writing, there are still a few items left in the store, so hurry on over to take a look-see!

M1-GO announced their new bronze colorway standard size Gary today; he'll be an exclusive at SuperFest 56 this coming weekend:

Ultra Garamon - East Earthquake disaster relief donations Price 2,500 yen / 50 / Color Bronze
East earthquake upon, I thought it might be a little work, all amounts are in nominal sales of this product donated to Ultraman Fund. Cooperation of everybody, thank you.

An amazing piece of news from Herr Alex Wald, which I was hit with today upon logging into the blog... here's the comment posted by AW on this post, from last April:

Tomorrow will be one year from the date of your original post. I wouldn't want you to think I've been sitting on my thumbs...what thumbs? Watch for an imminent announcement of a heart-stoppingly beautiful vinyl rendition of above-mentioned Junk Giant from the goodly folks at Atelier G-1. I shit you not. 

Good gawd...
So, I went right to Atelier G-1's blog... sure enough, he'll be posting pics of the finished model soon, with plans to have the vinyl ready for Summer WonderFest!
Please, both of you, check in here and give us more insight on this, when you can!

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Marcus said...

I'm the lucky buyer of your Pygmon! I can't wait until it arrives so I can bask in its glory in person.

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to get an awesome figure and help those in need at the same time. Your generosity and that of the other contributors is truly inspiring.