Round-up: interesting Gara-auction pics

Another one of these wonderfully avocadonic wind-ups was up for bid recently...

Customized Bandai... Lil' Orphan Gary eyes...

Bunch o' copies of this new gk up recently; I kinda wonder if this might be from the same folks who gave us the Garafink kit last year...

Lovely, well-weathered old Bullmark:

Balloonic Pygmon:

Mustard-yella M1-GO (would love to see PK work some magic with this color as a base):


Lamour Supreme dissects a Yamanaya Garamon....

... and his findings are nothing short of miraculous.

Completely unexpected to see a Yamanaya done in this fashion.
Lamour is an ascended master of toy customization .
There is nothing more to do but let the pics speak for themselves.

(To point out that these innards are non-robotic is unwarranted nitpicking in this case. Stop it.)