Covered in Cordyceps

Alright, this one blew my mind... love the concept, and the sculptural execution is amazing!
What a freaking great gk this would make....

First shot is the unpainted sculpt, the others are of the finished piece:

Taken from this blog; the description seems to say that the idea behind the piece is that this particular Garamon malfunctioned/failed in its mission, fell on its butt and was eventually overgrown by a Cordyceps-like fungus.

If you're not familiar with Cordyceps, it's an astonishing endoparasitic fungi (see the squicky pic below- Cordyceps sprouting from an insect host), and a broad range of health-enhancing properties have been ascribed to consuming it in extract or dried form.

I love the imagination involved here- the way the piece implies a whole storyline.  I also love rot, decay and fungus, so this one is truly right up my alley.  I may yet try to reach out to the sculptor to see if I can get his comments on the work, so stay tuned.