Pygmonic Coming-Soonz

Marusan Pygmon rainbow set (now avail-a-bule for pre-order from Super7):

X-Plus does Pygmon, due to drop in March:

Much more right-on than their take on Garamon, IMHO.


Max Dawson said...

Nerdstrom - I'm a new Garamon addict, and I've spent way too much time on your site over the last few weeks (in between bidding up Garys on ebay!). I'm also a kaiju newbie, having stumbled upon the whole world of vinyl only a few months ago. Is there any way you'd consider answering a few questions about Gary collecting by email?

Nerdstrom. said...

Absolutely, Max- I'd be happy to.
Hit me up at manordstrom at gmail dot com.

Talk to ya soon!