New Yamanaya greatness

At long last!
Two BEAUTIFUL new color versions from Yamanaya!

These are the sixth and seventh versions of this timelessly great sculpt, and the first new ones to hit since 2004, when Yamanaya released the lovely silver and blue version.


ultralex said...

Looks like candy---yummy!

Glad to see you posting again and keeping the rest of us aware of all the latest developments in Garamonology.

Nerdstrom. said...

Thanks, Alex!

'sgood to be back...and to have fun new stuff to post! There hasn't been much that I've seen lately that has moved me, Garamonologically. I should probably go back in look in my old "to post" docs, though... come to think of it, I never did do a post on ultrart's photo creations... maybe that's next.