Atragon-GK: work on the Gara-head continues...

Looking great so far; as you'd expect, Miyazaki-san is putting his usual careful, masterly thoughtfulness into this one.

Click to embiggenate, and read all about it here.


New Yamanaya Garamon coming in September

Thanks, Yamanaya... always great to see you guys poppin' a new color of your amazing Gary.

If you don't own one of these, you need to... and this would be a fine place to start:

Nice color scheme, truly... kinda what I was thinkin' when I commissioned this custom back in '07:


Atragon-GK Garamon

Aaaawwww yeah... it's begun...

Stay tuned to the Atragon-GK blog for the latest in-progress shots... and start saving up your yen!