Monster Invitational @ FOE Store & Gallery

I have so much to catch you up on, fellow Garamaniacs, including some cool new Gara-picture finds, news on Garakutagigas and other toy releases, and more… but it will all have to wait until next week, as I’m tied up with preparations for the Monster Invitational, kicking off on Friday/ 7/08 at FOE Store & Gallery in Northampton, MA:

This show is sure to be a blast; the folks behind FOE are wonderful, and are bringing some true, deep, and much-needed monster-love to New England! Yours truly will have 11 pieces in the show (including some Gara-works, naturally), and I’ll be there for the opening night- so come up and say hi if you’re a Garamania reader!


Astromonster to carry Garakutagigas stateside

Garakutagigas, the Junk Giant, is coming!


"... like the parrot that lives in the tropics."

US release this summer from Astromonster, Inc.

contact: astromonster@sbcglobal.net


....and furthermore:

"Preorder announcement coming soon.There will be 10 each of two color versions this summer. Then in the fall, the alternate eye sculpt will go on sale at WonderFest. The Astromonster editions for US sales will always have colorways different than the Atelier G-1 editions. Ballpark price for the US is $125."

Garakutagigas painted proto pics!

From Okuda-san's blog:

 ... and with alternate goggles in place:


Round-up: interesting Yahoo Japan auction pics

Recent things of interest on YJA...

Fully-disassembled M1-GO giant Garys... nice colors:

Intriguing lifesize foamcast Semi-Ningen prop head... no discernible details on origin in the auction description: