Your Borgnine's in my Garamon!

Your Garamon's in my Borgnine!

You get two great tastes in one vintage Ultra Q sonosheet illo; scan courtesy of Alex.


Volks mini bustin' through

Well, kids, how do you like this- no posts in three weeks, and suddenly I'm on a roll!

I think that's the way it's gonna be here for a while- fits and spurts.
The compleximentificationary situationalismics of life demand it, at present.

But you, the Gara-public, you demand your news- and so keep the Gara-beat I shall!

Check out this build-up of a super-awesome 15cm Volks mini kit!
Damn cool!

This guy, again...

Here's another one of those super-great old Gary-as-avocado wind-ups, with about a day and a half left to go on YJA.

You know I love this guy... but I'm not gonna go for him, right now.

However, I highly encourage you to!