The Gara-fishing lure

A perennial fave, the Garamon fishing lure.
I know you've been waiting forever for nice, clear close-up pics and to get a handle, at long last, on the exact measurements of this thing... so let's not delay another second, friend:


JM Rampage does Garamon

Toy producer and customizer JM Rampage recently completed this fan-freaka-tastic painting of Garamon, Jamila, and his own creation, Ugly Unicorn.  Whatta trio.  I think JM's vision of Gary could actually make a pretty fun toy...


The Nerdstrom Collection, Pt. 16: Post Monsters mini GK

Charming resin mini GK (built and painted by the estimable Thad Rhodes) put out in the early 90s by the mysterious company Post Monsters ("For adults with childlike eyes"), which produced a whole line of mini Ultra-kaiju in the super-deformed style... go ahead and embiggenate this mini pic:


The Nerdstrom Collection, Pt. 15: more mini magic from hustle55goodjob

Very happy to be welcoming another wonderful hustle55goodjob custom Gara-mini into the collection... this surly lil' sucker brings the smiles! 


Wish I was ocean size

Jesse Narens (Mr. Ghost&Flower himself, as well as the creator of the truly lovely Stegoforest resin toy) took an Eye Scream Garamon to the Oregon coast, and brought back this great pic.

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Thank you for your patience.
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