To a wonderfully spiny, Tokyo Tower-rattling 2009!

My best to all Garamania readers and fellow hardcore Gara-fans out there!

I've come to know a lot of incredible people through this obsessive little outlet in the very brief time it's been up and running. I want to thank all of you for your great support, both Garamonious and personal, over the course of this very weird year.

And a huge NYE thanks to the ever-awesome Alex Wald, who provided the great image above!
Too rocking, Sir!


Round-up: interesting Gara-auction pics

Nice little busted dam dio featuring an X-Plus Garamon... love the way the flying fragments were crafted:

Sweet, mellow paint-up of a Kaiyodo vinyl kit:

And finally, another Kaiyodo build-up... not quite as nicely done, but I feature it here because of its prominently painted eyebrows(!):

New Yamanaya greatness

At long last!
Two BEAUTIFUL new color versions from Yamanaya!

These are the sixth and seventh versions of this timelessly great sculpt, and the first new ones to hit since 2004, when Yamanaya released the lovely silver and blue version.